Filming on New Nature Documentary Series

I’m very pleased to be filming for Plimsoll Productions on a new blue-chip nature documentary series as director and camera operator across multiple episodes.

Plimsoll is one of the top independent production companies based in the United Kingdom, producing titles for commissioners such as BBC, Netflix, Discovery, National Geographic, and Apple.

The new series will be released in 2020.

Joris van Alphen
2019 Wildlife Showreel Released

Cast, in order of appearance:

  • Banded archerfish

  • Cape fur seal

  • Golden langur

  • Himalayan monal

  • Naked molerat

  • Leafcutter ant (Atta sp.)

  • Common toad & common frog tadpoles

  • Dragonfly larva

  • Red-billed chough

  • Black-necked crane

Music by Adam Saunders, Mark Stephen Cousins & Christopher Mark Salt.

Joris van Alphenfilm