Stories & Series


Fighting for Reef Fishes

South Africa's False Bay lies at the intersection of two formidable ocean currents – the Agulhas in the east and the Benguela in the west. Warm and cold swirl together to create an ecosystem that hosts one of the planet’s most unique communities of marine life. Before the exploitation of False Bay, a bewildering array of endemic reef fishes were present throughout the bay. Today, many reef fish stocks have collapsed. For fishermen this represents a socio-economic crisis. For scientists and conservationists, the protection of these species is a daunting battle.


Fishermen of Kalky's 5

Meet the crew of Kalky's 5, one of False Bay's traditional handline fishing boats.

This is a companion series of portraits to Fighting for Reef Fishes.


Tanzanian Treasure Hunters

The Amani Nature Reserve in Tanzania lies full of hidden treasures from German colonial times—according to locals. They have been searching for decades, secretly digging at night, guided by magic, and leaving big holes scattered across the forest.


Tailing the Montagu's Harrier

Migrating Montagu’s harriers face a host of dangers, from changes in farming practices to illegal hunting in the Mediterranean. The key to saving this graceful raptor could lie in its little-known wintering range, the African Sahel. In 2014 a small team of researchers from the Dutch Montagu's Harrier Foundation travelled to Senegal to shed light on the birds' enigmatic wintering behavior with a cutting-edge tracking system.


Mystery of Mount Kinabalu

In the Heart of Borneo lies Mount Kinabalu, the highest mountain between the Himalayas and New Guinea. Perpetually shrouded in mist, it forms an island of cold and humidity in a sea of tropical lowland forest. Over the past 1.5 million years it has given rise to a spectacular diversity of life. Thousands of species are found only on its highest slopes and nowhere else in the world. Their origins have long remained a mystery. In September 2012 an international team of forty scientists from Naturalis Biodiversity Center and Sabah Parks set out on a major scientific expedition to unravel the mystery of the mountain.


Borneo Biodiversity

A sampling of the incredible diversity of species found on Borneo, photographed in a field studio.

This is a companion series to Mystery of Mount Kinabalu.


Skeletal Treasures

Skeletons of tiger, aardvark, sloth, elephant, wildebeest, and more—many of them hundreds of years old—from the zoological collections of Naturalis Biodiversity Center.