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Hans and Cobi Feijen.

For over forty years Hans and Cobi Feijen have traveled the world together to study stalk-eyed flies. Crocker Range, Borneo.

The field biologist. He braves cold, miserable mountain peaks, exposes himself to parasites, leeches and tropical disease, spends months away from family and loved ones… and for what?

For the water mite. For the stalk-eyed fly. For the jumping spider.

This week in Vrij Nederland four field biologists and what drives them—a story written by Laura Stek and illustrated with portraits I made in the tropical rainforests of Borneo earlier this year. The article is six pages in total, preview below:

Vrij Nederland 49, p. 32–33

Vrij Nederland 49 p34-35

Vrij Nederland 49 p36-37

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